About us

As global food specialists with nearly nine decades of experience, you can be assured you will receive a first class service from our experienced team. Sourcing, procurement, supply chain management, food safety and quality control are areas in which our organisation excels and we take great pride in that.

When you choose MacEwen Falconer you can be confident you will receive a high quality all-inclusive service.

Our Team

Our small but highly experienced team are continually developing and improving our platform and assessing our customer’s needs. We understand how important it is to work together in a collaborative way and this ethos is the same when working with our clients.

We believe we are a company who are inclusive of new things and procedures and share this knowledge for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Integrity, Knowledge, Commitment, Excellence and Respect. These five values define how we work with our employees and clients, are the foundation of our ongoing success, and are at the forefront of everything we do.

Our History

Established in 1933, MacEwen Falconer started out as importers and distributors of a range of food products for the Scottish market. Over the decades as our clients within the food retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors grew or were acquired, our business expanded and opportunities arose to widen our distribution network throughout the UK and beyond.

As our customer base included some of the UK’s largest retailers and food service organisations who began to grow their private label ranges, so our focus on client service and bespoke solutions grew. We quickly recognised that in order to meet the needs of this demanding role, close working partnerships with production partners and clients was key.

We have since evolved into a multiple solution import and distribution service provider with a keen interest in monitoring evolving market trends. We are a reliable platform offering a tailored set of skills to support global B2B contract conclusion, multi-currency transaction, technical compliance and supply chain management requirements.